Top 10 Alternatives to YouTube that are not blocked at school or work

There is no denying the fact that YouTube is a great website. It is famous across the globe and the fact that it is the second most viewed website in the world says a lot about the content offered by YouTube. Different people use YouTube for different purposes. While for some, it is a great place for entertainment while some use it for educational purposes. Many are earning their daily bread from YouTube and while few people are using it for watching movies and funny videos.

Alternatives to YouTube

Though YouTube is an awesome website but as said by one wise man, nothing is perfect in this world. YouTube has its own cons which may differ from person to person. It is blocked in most of the schools and offices as management thinks it is distracting the students or employees. Another downside is few YouTube videos are region specific which means there are high chances that you might not be able to watch some videos if they carry some sensitive content which may cause a chaos in your region. The bottom line is YouTube is good and all but you can’t rely on one source. There should always be a backup or alternative and for that very same reason, here are top 10 Alternatives of YouTube.


Founded in 2005, Dailymotion is very much like YouTube in terms of layout & video categories. It is more popular in Europe, Asia & Africa while it is gaining popularity slowly in the US also. There are a large number of videos available on Dailymotion but it has few downsides as well. The upload limit is only 150 MB and you can upload videos of around 20 minutes in length only. It promotes the best videos in its featured columns. The biggest con is that HD uploads are locked for pro users whereas YouTube offers it for free. Still, it is a decent unblocked alternative to YouTube.

Dailymotion YouTube Alternative


Vimeo is currently the best alternative to YouTube. There are few features which make Vimeo even better than YouTube. Launched in 2004, Vimeo focuses a way more on quality rather than quantity. You will not find anything like cats and dogs bumping into people like you get on YouTube as it offers experimental music videos, interesting short movies and classy stuff. It is used mostly by creative individuals like directors and filmmakers, who use Vimeo to promote their content. It has a limit of 500 MB upload per week but you can get up to 2 GB by upgrading. The best part about Vimeo is that it is completely ad free which means no ad at the start or in the middle while watching a video.

Vimeo alternative of YouTube

Metacafe is yet another an amazing alternative to YouTube and is even older. It doesn’t offer full-length videos as it focuses on short length original videos. Most of the videos are under 90 seconds and despite it, Metacafe gets around 40 million unique users every month which is not bad. The reason why it is not as famous as YouTube is that it is full of Ads which become annoying after a certain point of time.

Metacafe YouTube Alternative

If you are a fan of original web series, Blip is the best platform for you. It was founded in 2005 and allows you to make money through affiliate advertisements on the website. Though it offers all kind of content like funny videos, comedy shows and sports but the focus is on web series. Just try to watch any one of Blip’s Web series and you will understand how awesome it is for such type of content. Alternative to YouTube


Since there is no limit on the size of the uploaded videos, you will find many full-length videos including full-length movies and TV Shows. A software of this site allows you to download videos which mean YouTube is not the first to do so as Veoh has done it many years ago. The user interface is great and you can add friends and do personal messaging. Imagine a mixture of a simple version of Facebook and YouTube ad you will get Veoh.

Veoh Alternative to YouTube


It is mostly used by Newspaper agencies and magazines to promote their content. The good part about ZippCast is that it focuses a lot on Quality and allows only high-quality video for uploading. It provides a communication platform for its users and another good part of ZippCast is that you can customize the layout of your channel. It also allows you to add ratings and comments to the videos.

Zippcast YouTube Alternative


This is also a good alternative to YouTube. The database of Vuclip is huge and mainly consist movie clips. The good part of Vuclip is that it focuses more on smartphones and tablets. The mobile version of Vuclip allows users to easily search and watch videos on their smartphones without any hassle. One downside of Vuclip is that you need to pay some amount to watch premium videos.

Vuclip Alternative to YouTube


Though it is not exactly like YouTube as you have to pay for watching the content. It basically rents out the latest television shows and movies and follows the concept of the pay-per episode. The best part of Vudu is its great collection of TV shows and movies. You can use it to watch shows which you have missed but you will have to rent it.

Vudu YouTube Alternative


It is a joint venture of Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment & Warner Music Group so you can get an idea what Vevo specializes in. It is like a heaven for music lovers and you can get almost all latest music videos here. If you love to watch the videos of your favorite songs, Vevo will never disappoint you.

Vevo Alternative to YouTube


Launched in 2013, it reached in the list of top 100 most visited website in the world in a very short span of time. The User Interface is clean and clutter free. It offers a great browsing experience and allows to upload videos free of cost. The process of uploading is hassle free and doesn’t cost a single penny.

Vube YouTube Alternative

This was all about top 10 alternatives to YouTube. Let us know which one you like the most and why.

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