How to unblock YouTube & Facebook at school with ExpressVPN?


Facebook and YouTube are the biggest victims of the Internet censorship and are always the first one get blocked. You can use various methods to unblock YouTube & Facebook at school but VPN is the most effective and sure shot way. In this post, we are going to tell you how to use ExpressVPN to […]

10 Best VPNs Accepting Bitcoin Payments


Bitcoin is one of the most popular and anonymous modes of digital crypto currency which uses a peer to peer technology to operate. It is owned by no one and doesn’t involve and bank or authority as it is completely open source and anyone can use it.  It is considered as the most useful and popular […]

How to watch Region/Age Restricted Videos on YouTube

Age Restricted Videos

There are millions of videos on YouTube and the count is increasing day by day. Right from the phone reviews to movies reviews and from cat videos to motivational videos, YouTube is a one stop destination for all types of videos. However, there are few videos which are not easily available to watch. They are […]

Best VPNs for Torrenting – VPNs to keep you safe while Torrenting

Best VPN for Torrenting

Torrent is a file sharing protocol which is mostly known for the piracy applications that it has. But we need to understand that Torrent is just a way to share files and can be used for many other important purposes. Even companies like Ubuntu share their ISO images over torrents. Because of the piracy implications, torrent […]

Minecraft Unblocked at School – Top 5 VPNs to Unblock Minecraft


Minecraft is a game that has a simple concept and is also very easy to play. You will be addicted to it even before you know. But it is blocked at schools and workplaces. You can easily unblock Minecraft using VPN’s. While for us Minecraft may be fun but for school administration, it is a waste of […]

How to use TOR Safely to Open Blocked sites like YouTube

TOR Landing Page

TOR is one of the most powerful & sure shot ways of accessing restricted and blocked websites. While there are multiple ways of unblocking blocked sites like YouTube and Facebook, finding the perfect way can be a little tricky. The reason why TOR is considered as the best solution to the problem of Internet Censorship is […]

10 Best Anonymous VPN’s for Privacy & Opening Blocked Sites

Open Blocked Sites with VPN's

As the concern for internet privacy across citizens increase, VPN is no more a niche tech that is used only by people who are concerned about their history being sold online. With the recently passed law in the USA, a normal citizen’s browser history will be up for sale and this will be a clear […]