10 Ways to Unblock YouTube at School

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world. It fulfills all types of need like entertainment, information, news, life hacks etc. It is currently the second most visited website in the world after Facebook. It is a one stop platform for the entertainment and information videos you want. YouTube’s video collection is vast and so are the users. It is loved by users across the globe and can be considered as the best website in terms of entertaining and informative content.

Unblock YouTube

However, not everyone thinks the same. Many educational institutes consider YouTube as a distraction for the students. As per Schools & Colleges, YouTube is a productivity killer and distracts students from studying which is the reason YouTube is blocked in the majority of schools. Well, there is no lock in the world which doesn’t have a key. There are various ways to unblock YouTube at school and in this post, we are going to let you know the top ways to unblock YouTube at School.

Using Https to Unblock YouTube

It may sound silly & stupid but it is the simplest way to unlock YouTube at school. The point here is that most of the school block websites by manually entering the web address/URL and there are chances that they have blocked the URL starting with Http. So instead of typing http://www.youtube.com type https://www.youtube.com. You just need to replace the http with https.

YouTube Unblocked By Changing Network Settings

If the above method of changing http to https doesn’t work, you can try changing the network setting

  • Right Click on Wi-Fi/LAN on the bottom right side of the screen and click on “Open Network & Sharing Centre”.

Change Network Setting

  • Click on “Change Adapter Settings”. Choose the network you are connected to. Right Click on it and click on “Properties”.

Change Adpater Setting

Choose network connection

  • It will open a Dialog Box. Choose “Internet Protocol Version 4” and click on “Properties”.

  • It will again open a Dialog Box. Click on “Use the following DNS server addresses and type values as shown in the screenshot and click OK.

Change DNS

Now open Google Chrome or restart it. Now try to open YouTube. It still doesn’t work, try changing http to https as mentioned in the way above and if you lucky, you may be able to unblock Youtube. and are DNS servers maintained by Google. You can also try OpenDNS servers, which are,

Using VPN to Unblock YouTube #YouTube Unblocked via VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Network is used to surf the Internet anonymously. With VPN, your location keeps on changing which means if you are using VPN and are in Australia, trying opening Google and it will show you Google France or Google Netherlands but not Google Australia. Once you have installed VPN in your PC, it automatically connects your PC to their own private network by which you can easily send & receive data.


There are many free VPNs which can help you to watch YouTube even when it is blocked. If you need to use VPN on a regular basis you can also buy one at monthly cost as low as $5/month. You will need to download & install VPN. Here are few VPNs which may come handy.

  • Air VPN: This is the most popular free VPN to access YouTube easily. Select your system type (Windows/Linux/Mac) and download the VPN for free from their official website. Activate it and you will be able to browse YouTube along with other blocked sites at your school.
  • Hot Spot Shield VPN: With one click download, it is the easiest way to unblock YouTube via VPN. Just download and install it and click on Connect. Once connected, you will be able to use YouTube with any restriction.

Unblock YouTube with Proxy Websites

VPN is a great tool to unblock YouTube but what if you don’t have the rights to download or install software. Since it is downloaded in the system, you will have to download it again and again as chances of getting the same system in school are not that great. So the solution is using proxy websites.

You don’t need to download or install anything. The proxy websites help you to access the Internet without revealing your IP and location. It works exactly like VPN but not download, installation is needed thus making it a faster and simpler method to unblock YouTube. Here are few Proxy Websites which you can try.

By Using Manual Proxy Web Address

When you use a Proxy Website to Unblock YouTube, you can do it only in one tab. If you wish to use it in a different tab or some other day, you need to resubmit the URL again and again. However, there is a way by which you can easily unblock Youtube without using the Proxy Websites. In this method, you need to change the proxies of your web browser manually so that your browser browse through a proxy web address. Using this was you can surf YouTube without any restriction. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Click here to get the list of Proxy IP addresses.
  • Now, open your Mozilla Firefox browser. Go to Options > Advanced > Network > Settings.

Maunal Proxy in Mozilla Firefox

Change Proxy in Mozilla

  • Now, click on the Manual Proxy Settings & enter the Proxy IP Address. Set the Port Number to 8080 and click on OK to save the settings.

Mozilla Proxy

  • This will unblock the YouTube. Try accessing YouTube normally and it should start working. If it doesn’t, you can try by entering other IP address from the above list.

By Using Opera Mini on your Smartphone

While you can use all the other ways mentioned here on your Desktop or PC to Unblock YouTube, this way can help you in Unblocking YouTube on your smartphone.You need to download Opera Mini We Browser on your Android or iOS Device. The reason why Opera Mini will work is that it operated with fewer resources and automates compression of every website you visit via Opera. This makes Opera Mini into a very useful Proxy Server. It can unblock all blocked websites including YouTube and Facebook. However, there is one condition. You will have to keep Data Savings On. Otherwise, Opera will pick up websites straight to your phone and not on its own servers and will not bypass the restrictions. When you turn on the Data Savings, websites are picked by Opera’s servers thus bypassing all the restrictions.

Opera Mini

Browser Add-Ons to Unblock YouTube

This is yet another way to unlock YouTube at school. There are many Add-Ons from VPNs that can be added in the browser itself and acts as a Proxy application to unblock YouTube. You will have to download and install these Add-Ons on your PC though. Few useful Add-Ons are:

Ultrasurf for Chrome

Ultrasurf is the most powerful and simple tool for Anonymous Internet Browsing. With the help of Ultrasurf, you can easily unblock YouTube. The best part here is that you don’t need to download or install any software. Just add the extension to the Chrome and it will do the magic. It also hides your IP thus keeping you safe from all potential chances of getting caught. Another good thing about Ultrasurf is that it also deletes the browsing history and the cookies thus leaving no tracks of the pages you visit via Ultrasurf.

Other Extensions to unblock websites include

By Using Tor Browser

TOR Browser is basically a VPN software which can be used to access YouTube or any blocked Websites. It tunnels the data requests by its relay network and is the best option for anonymous web surfing. You just need to install it and open YouTube like you do in Chrome and it will work flawlessly. Be cautious while using the Tor Browser and refrain from entering any personal details.

By Using Hola Services

Hola is one of the most popular VPN used worldwide. It is one of the best options to unblock YouTube at school. The fact that it is used by over 47 million people makes it a great choice for unblocking YouTube. It is completely free to use and works fine with both Firefox and Chrome Browser. You can download Hola Extension from below mentioned links.

Hola VPN

Unblocking a blocked website depends on the level of security and firewalls. If the security is not much tight, changing the http to https will work just fine otherwise you will have to take help of VPN or Proxy. This was all about how can you easily unblock YouTube at school. Let us know which way works best for you. You can also comment below if you are facing any issue in using any of the above methods to unblock YouTube at your School.

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