10 Best VPNs Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin is one of the most popular and anonymous modes of digital crypto currency which uses a peer to peer technology to operate. It is owned by no one and doesn’t involve and bank or authority as it is completely open source and anyone can use it.  It is considered as the most useful and popular mode of payment for buying VPNs as they are secured with high-grade cryptography, comes with minimal charges and has an excellent fraud protection and anonymity. In this post, we are going to let you know the Top 10 VPNs that accept Bitcoin.


No matter for what reason you search for, you will always get ExpressVPN whenever you search for best VPNs. Based in Hong Kong, ExpressVPN is currently the best and most popular VPN on the globe and the best part is that it also accepts Bitcoin Payments. The servers are present in over 85+ countries and offer a huge range of IP addresses to choose from. You can always rely on the speed when it comes to ExpressVPN as it doesn’t compromise on the speed at all. Other features include P2P & Torrent support, kill switch and an excellent customer care support.


VPN Area uses a very high grade of encryption but still offers an excellent speed. It comes with a 7-days free trial so that you can be sure before buying it. It supports all major mode of payment including bitcoin. Features like Kill Switch and DNS Leak Protection comes handy while using this amazing VPN. It supports 5 simultaneous device connection and follows a no logging policy.


The next on our list is IPVanish. Excellent security is its main forte as it features AES 256-bit encryption, RSA 2048 handshake authentication, and SHA-256 encryption. All these encryptions safeguard your data against any potential threat. It follows a strict no log policy and accepts bitcoin. The Kill Switch features make sure that you rare not exposed when the connection drops, if ever. Another great feature of IPVanish is auto-IP scrambler which changes the IP after every 45 minutes so making it difficult to trace you. With the 1-week free trial offer, there is no reason for not testing IPVanish.


IronSocket is also a nice VPN which happily accepts Bitcoin. It offers all common features like P2P support, Kill Switch, DNS Leak Protection & zero logging policy. It is economical as compared with other VPNs in this list, so if you are low on budget, you can opt for IronSocket. It also offers HTTPS and Socks5 Proxy Services for bypassing all the restrictions and SmartDNS come as an added advantage. The absence of mobile app is one big downside but apart from that, it is a decent VPN.


Torguard is the best VPN when it comes to accepting the cryptocurrencies. Apart from Bitcoin, it also accepts Lite Coin & Dogecoin. The best part about this VPN is that it allows manual bitcoin transactions which increase the privacy that means the user can request an email and pay by Bitcoin to a specific bitcoin address. Features include stealth support & Proxy, 256-bit AES encryption, and excellent speed.


Private Internet Access is a popular VPN and is used by millions of users. It accepts Bitcoin as a mode of payment and offers all major features. It can easily spoof your IP so that no one can trace you. With 256-bit AES Encryption it is a great choice for safety as well as speed. With Private Internet Access at your side, you can easily unblock any website including Facebook & YouTube.

Private Internet Access

AirVPN is not a new name and is there in the field of VPN since a very long time. AirVPN focuses a lot on safety and security of the user and strictly follows a complete zero log policy. There is no limit on traffic or time and it offers unlimited server switch. Safety features include SSH, SSL, 4096 bit RSA keys size, AES-256-CBC Data Channel, HMAC SHA1 Control Channel & OpenDNS. It is a trustworthy VPN and can be used for keeping your identity safe & secure on the web.


NordVPN is probably the best VPN in terms of safety as it offers Double Data Encryption where your data is encrypted twice for better safety. It offers over 1000 servers in 50+ countries making sure you are always connected to the VPN. The biggest feature of NordVPN is that it offers multiple device support for 6 devices at the same time. Dedicated IP, P2P support, Netflix & Torrent support and a Zero logging policy are few features to name. It accepts Bitcoin as a mode of payment and offers an excellent customer care support which is present 24*7.


Available for all major platforms, Anonine is also a great VPN which accepts Bitcoin as a mode of payment. It offers a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% and offers the most available bandwidth of all VPN providers. The servers are present in all major countries so unlocking websites is not a concern for Anonine. It is also one of the cheapest VPN in the market which accepts Bitcoin.


The last name on our list is SaferVPN which accepts Bitcoin without any hassle. The VPN is easy to use and offers a great streaming speed. Features include Multiple VPN Protocols, 256-bit Strong Encryption, Automatic Wi-Fi Security & a 24*7 customer support. It is available for all major platforms including Android and iOS.


Bitcoin is a safe mode of payment and we suggest you should always buy a VPN which comes with Zero Logging Policy and accepts Bitcoin. Let us know which VPN are you using and why.

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