How to Block Websites on Chrome

There comes a time in our life when we all wish that someone could help us in focusing on our work. No matter how hard we try, websites like Facebook/YouTube always distracts us and we end up losing our focus. The simple solution for this problem is by blocking these websites. You can easily block any website in Google Chrome. There can be many reasons why you may wish to block a website. You may want to prevent your child from surfing prohibited sites or wish to get over your addiction to social media. Here are few simple ways of how you can Block Websites on Chrome.

2 Browser Extensions to Block Websites on Chrome

Website Blocker (Beta)

This extension can help you in blocking any website on your Chrome. You just have to follow few simple steps which are:

  • Download & add the extension from Chrome Web Browser.

Website Blocker

  • Now, open the website which you wish to Block.
  • Now, on the top right side click on the Logo of Website Blocker. It will show you the URL which you are going to block along with the block time. You can change the URL if you want. If you leave the Block Time as empty, it will block the website for an infinite time.

Block Websites on Chrome

  • Now, when you try to access the URL mentioned in the above message, you will get the below message.

Blocked Website

  • You can also block multiple URL in one go as well. Click again on the logo on the top right side of Browser and click on Options. Now, just input the URLs which you wish to block and save it.

Block Websites

Block Site

This is also a great extension for Blocking Websites on Chrome. The best part about this tool is that it offers authentication feature. Not only you can block websites, you can also add a password to the settings page. This feature comes handy when you don’t want your children to undo the settings or unblock the websites.

Block Site

Once you have installed the extension, open extension settings and add the websites which you plan to wish. Now, you can check the “Enable Authentication” and it will ask you to enter a password. This password will be asked when someone try to access the settings of the extension.

There are many other Chrome Extensions which can be used to block websites. You can opt for StayFocused & Nanny extension if you want to block websites on your Chrome. We hope this will help you in getting back your focus and preventing your children from accessing unwanted websites.

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