How to make Money on YouTube?

There are various ways of making money via the Internet. No doubt, blogging is an ultimate way of making money and many people are earning their living via Blogging. You can also earn money via affiliate marketing or by doing some freelance work on the internet. Apart from these methods, there is also one amazing and fun method of earning money online. Yes, we are talking about YouTube. In the last 2-3 years, YouTube has emerged as a great source for earning money. YouTube has helped people become a millionaire and has given them money as well as fame. In this post, we are going to let you know how to make money from YouTube.

Make Money with YouTube

6 Ways of Making Money Online On YouTube

AdSense on YouTube – The easiest way

This is one of the easiest methods to earn money with YouTube. Most of the time, we wait for as long as 6 months to get the AdSense account approved for our blog or website.  However, getting AdSense approved for a YouTube account is easy and doesn’t take much time.

YouTube AdSense

Though, it will be “AdSense for content hosts” account and will work a bit different as compared to the account which works on a blog/website. And, if you are sure that you fulfill all the criteria for a blog AdSense account, you can use the same account for your website as well. With an AdSense account added to your YouTube channel, AdSense will show contextual ads on your videos and whenever a user clicks on that ad, you will get money for it.

Affiliate Marketing via YouTube

Affiliate Marketing is an old and efficient way of earning money online. With this method, you can earn a large amount of money in a very short span of time. The best part about this method is that if your video goes viral, you can make a good amount of money with just one video. It is a simple way; you just need to choose a right product which is in trend and make a video about it. It can be a review video, feature video, hands-on video etc. Once the video is ready, just put the link to buy the product in the description and you will start earning per sale.

Affiliate Marketing


The method will work only if you have a successful channel. For this method, you channel should be established and popular enough. Once you have got/created such channel, you can get sponsors for your videos. These sponsors will pay you a decent money to show their ads at either end or start of the video. They might ask you to make a video around their product for which you can get a handsome payment.


Partner with other Channels

There comes a time when no matter how hard you try, you just can’t monetize your channel probably. Now, there are others too like you who are facing a hard time to earn money with YouTube. You can partner with such channels and after that search for sponsors. Two decent channels combined can get a better sponsorship as compared to one good YouTube Channel.

Sell your Products on YouTube

Selling products through websites and blogs is an old method now. The e-commerce market is now full of competitors and it is difficult for a newbie to beat such contest. Instead of selling your products directly through a website, you can use your YouTube channel. Just make small videos of the products you are selling like how to use them, why they are better than the rest etc and post the link to your website in the description. You will realize that more buyers will start coming to your website. A nice and clever way to utilize YouTube to earn money.

Earn Money with YouTube

Sell Premium Videos

It is a bit difficult approach and before opting for this method, you will have to make an audience for your channel and make sure they eagerly wait for your next video. Basically, you need to make your YouTube channel into a brand name and once you have that reputation, you can opt for this method. With this method, instead of making your videos completely free to watch, you can make few of your videos as the premium video and charge a small amount of money for that. You can use services like Yondo for it. You can opt for pay-per-view rentals or monthly subscription whoever suits you better.

Sell Videos Online

Now you know many methods to earn money with YouTube. So what are you waiting for? Create your account right now and start earning money. Let us know if you know of any other method to earn money with YouTube.

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