List of common firewalls at school and office and how to bypass them

Most of the schools in our country are trying to adopt e-learning methods by handling or promoting the use of laptops and tablets in school or college premises. However, at the same time, they want to block certain websites for the good of children. Most of them miserable fail; as students find a way to bypass firewalls using VPN and proxy sites.

List of common firewalls at school and office and how to bypass them


According to school authorities, they what the children to learn in a safe environment that is why they encourage censorship on internet usage of students. However, on the other hands, students want complete freedom over their internet activity in school Most of the students wants to take advantage of free school or college wifi to download games, tv shows, movies etc. But at the same time, some of these students use the internet to carry out illegal activities through these free networks. This is what school authorities are concerned about.

The same case is with office and small business groups. many people want to intrude their privacy and take advantage of free wifi or connectivity services. So today we will mention some of the best firewalls solutions at school and offices & tricks to bypass them.

common firewalls at school and office

In this section, we will discuss the common firewalls which most fo schools and office use in their premises. Now, most of these are easy to penetrate while some are extremely hard. However, we will try to keep the list short and simple.

1. Sophos firewall – Great product for the price. It is an excellent choice if you’re already running Sophos products for networks. However, it does not have any customization options in its control center. No themes but easy to use interface. Although Sophos services are improving day by day and there is a lot of improvement scope in the Sophons firewall system.

2. PaloAlto firewall – It supports central firewall access management. It is also capable of detecting malicious content and inspection across wifi or other wired connection. PaloAlto firewall has a stronger insight into network activity. It has some useful features which make the operation and maintenance so easy. Some of them are AppID and UserID.

3. Smoothwall firewall – It is a good and easy to use firewall system if you’re using a small broadband network system. It doesn’t require much hardware resources and works easily on old systems as well. Smoothwall comes with an easy to use graphical configuration interface and is free of charge. However, it has limited functionality and installation causes complete hard disk format.

4. Untangle firewall – It is a complex firewall system with unique and robust features. It offers a modular but simple to use interface which comprises of all the features you need in a firewall system. You can easily check stats and check what is happening in your network system with its real-time statistics.

Basic methods To Bypass Firewalls

Firewalls are great as they block al the malicious attempts to send or collect data in a secured network. However, there are times when you need to bypass them. Special environments, where this firewall system doesn’t make sense. One such environment is a school where most of the popular and infotainment sites are blocked. Such as facebook unblock, youtube unblock and so on. However, there are various ways you can bypass them easily.

1. Bypass firewalls using https

YouTube Unblocked at school https trick

Sounds crazy but most of firewalls system uses old HTTP network links. They are ordered/programmed to block all the data from such HTTP sites. This is because they are highly insecure and could contain an malware of virus. However, this could be good news for you as you can browse every site with an https:// tag and it will work.

To make this work, add https:// before www in every website you want to bypass. I will illustrate an example below.” instead of “”

2. Bypassing Firewall with VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are great as they allow us to browse and roam into a network freely. Most of the VPN services are free to use and will be able to bypass firewalls servers. However, if your school or office is using much more advanced firewall protection then this might not help at all. Because they already block all the free VPN IP address beforehand. So in such case, a paid/premium VPN network will do the trick for you. Down below are some great VPN service which you can use to bypass firewalls at school or offices.

A. Hotspot Shield

Unblocked youtube sites with hotspot shield vpn

Hotspot Shield is a free VPN service which allows you to bypass firewalls and other network restrictions. It is extremely easy and completely free of charge. It also allows you to access the web anonymously and ensures your data safety via using its encryption tunnels to hide your private information. Using this you can anonymously barge into your firewall network. You can even hide your IP address and geolocation if you use Hotspot Shield free VPN service.

B. ExpressVPN

Express VPN is another great choice if the above VPN service doesn’t work for you. You can use this to unblock youtube at school or bypass firewalls at the office. It is fast and easy. it even comes with a money back guarantee if you are purchasing their premium plans.

3. Bypass Firewalls using Proxy Sites

Most of the firewalls are designed to block only specific websites only. These include Facebook blocked, youtube blocked, etc. so you can use a proxy site to unblock Youtube. This is easy as well. All you need to do is enter the address of the blocked website in proxy and it will run. Down below are two proxy sites which are free to use and extremely fast in speed.

A. Zalmos Web Proxy

YouTube Unblocked school trick with zalmos youtube proxy

Zalmos is an advanced proxy site which is able to unblock youtube, unblock Facebook and other websites as well. It operates on all major platforms including PC, tablets, Smartphones etc. Also, the speed of Zalmos proxy is extremely fast and you won’t face any problems. The best thing is that this proxy site is free to use and does not require any kind of installation. It is ready to use a product.

B. ProxFree

How to get on youtube at school with proxfree

Proxfree is another free to use proxy site which can youtube unblocked at school. However, it is better than Zalmos in a lot of factors. Proxfree it offers advanced options for users. You can delete the cookies after you visit a certain site. Also, it is an optimized youtube proxy which compresses data in order to give you better video playback.

4. Bypass Firewall using Tor network

Youtube unblock on school with Tor browser

TOR is basically used to browse purely anonymous websites ending with .onion links. However, you can use the TOR browser to bypass a powerful firewall system in your office or schools. You will be able to load every blocked website in the Tor browser because of it’s peer to peer network with hundreds of computers. Not only your data will be safe, but you will be able to use blocked websites in your School or office premises.

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